Traffic safety crash cushion terminal ends

Traffic crash cushions and terminals setting principles :

The layout of the crash cushion should be consistent with the highway route. When it is set at the main diverter end, ramp exit or the front end of the guide island of the toll station, the axis of the anti-collision cushion should overlap the center line of the intersection Angle of the highway route on both sides of the anti-collision cushion, and coordinate with other highway traffic facilities in its location.


Traffic crash cushions and terminals setting principles :

1. If the roadside guardrail is located within the width of the net highway area without safety treatment, the upstream end of it shall be equipped with crash cushions or anti-crash terminals.

2. Redirective crash cushions should be installed at the main diversion end, ramp diversion end, tunnel entrance and other positions of the expressway. If the tunnel entrance and the outside guardrails have been handled by guardrail transition, the crash cushions may not be installed.

3. The beginning of the central guardrail of the first-class highway, and the middle pier end of the bridge that crosses the expressway, should be equipped with redirective crash cushions .

4. The front end the guide island in the toll station can be provided with non-redirective crash cushions.

5. If there are special forms of dangerous obstacles within the width of the calculated net zone on the highway side and no other means of safety and effective protection can be adopted, redirective crash cushions and non-redirective crash cushions should be set.

Traffic safety crash cushions


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Huaan Traffic has performed crash testings according to MASH and EN1317-2, and passed the levels: TL1, TL2, TL3, TL4 and N1, N2, H1, H2, H3.

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