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A 'bizarre' traffic accident: The automobile hit the guardrail in highway service area

Mar. 09, 2020

At 15:30 am on March 8th , 2020, A "bizarre" traffic accident occurred in the western section of the Xinzheng service area of the Beijing-Hongkong-Macao expressway. A SUV car crashed into the guardrail at the expressway crossing. "Crashes into guardrails in service areas are really uncommon." The police of Henan provincial department of high-speed traffic police with questions on the scene of the accident investigation.

At the scene of the accident, the police saw a white Great Wall brand car left front "hard" hit the highway guardrail above, the car's main co-pilot front side airbags have all opened, the car a mess, fortunately the accident did not cause injuries.

In the face of police inquiries, just a little slow from the accident scared a little god driver Mr Ma tell the why, 14 PM in the day, he drove from Zhengzhou city to Zhoukou, when 697 kilometers to the Hong Kong and Macao high-speed Xinzheng section, feeling a little sleepy, just enter the Xinzheng service area parking and had a rest, when sleepy to eliminate, and are going to start from the service area to continue driving on the highway.As he was not familiar with the highway to Zhoukou, he simply drove and lowered his head to set up the vehicle's navigation equipment.When the car hit the freeway off-ramp, he was distracted and suddenly hit the guardrail. Thanks to the airbag, he was not hurt.

According to the accident handling police Hang jinhai introduced, in this single traffic accident, because the driver in driving a motor vehicle, did not comply with the road traffic safety laws and regulations, violation of safety operation norms traffic accident, driving energy is not focused, to the accident bear full responsibility.

Warning from highway police: before driving on the road, if you are not familiar with the highway, please choose a good route in advance and set up your own navigation equipment.At the same time, when driving on the highway, must strictly abide by the road traffic safety law, to always maintain high concentration, eyes ahead, more observation, careful operation, so as to ensure driving safety.

A 'bizarre' traffic accident: The automobile hit the guardrail in highway service area

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