SMC DMC anti dazzle board plate

Anti Glare Board

Anti-dazzle glare board  can be divided into steel anti-dazzle glare board, plastic anti-dazzle glare board, glass fiber reinforced plastic anti-dazzle glare board according to the material.  


Anti Glare Board

Anti-dazzle board  can be divided into steel anti-dazzle board, plastic anti-dazzle board, glass fiber reinforced plastic anti-dazzle board according to the material.  

From the molding process, there are glass fiber reinforced plastic molding, glass fiber reinforced plastic extrusion molding, plastic rolling molding, plastic blow molding, plastic injection molding and plastic extrusion molding.

From the size distribution, height from 70 cm to 1.1 m, width from 140 mm to 290 mm, thickness from 3 mm to 70 mm and other sizes as per order.

Main materials: SMC、DMC,HDPE、PVC、ABS


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